Give the Gift of Nature

This Holiday Season

Each year, thousands of people visit Hirundo, reaping the benefits of our founder's mission to preserve and protect the natural habitat of Hirundo for all to enjoy.   The Board of Trustee and staff work hard to uphold the mission of the organization, "To enjoy, understand, and protect Hirundo's natural and cultural environment for the mutual well-being of our human and wildlife communities.".  In short, Enjoy, Learn, and Protect. 


We are in all in this together.    


By supporting Hirundo.  you provide, 


Opportunities to Enjoy Nature. . for All 

               Our Trail of the Senses provides a unique experience for individuals who experience a barrier to traditional trails. 


Opportunities for Children to Learn and Respect

                Our Kids In Nature program promotes connectivity with nature and the outcomes are increases in youth creativity, reduction of stress, and an increased appreciation of nature by our next generation.


Opportunities to Engage

                 Hirundo offers a variety of ways individuals and families can engage with nature, whether it be on your own and exploring the miles of trails, paddling the waterways,  or participating in an exciting program designed to inspire and educate. 


Opportunities for Community Gatherings

                  Throughout the year, Hirundo looks to bring together our communities to enjoy nature and all its offerings.  From dog sled rides in the winter months to enjoying the benefits of a wonderful harvest in the fall, Hirundo celebrates with everyone.  


By supporting Hirundo this holiday season, you are giving the gift of nature for future generations to enjoy.  


Visitors are welcome at Hirundo daily from dawn to dusk.  Gate 1 is closed for the winter season. However, you may park at the gate and walk in.  


1107 West Old Town Rd.

Old Town, ME 04468

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