In the wilderness, my soul strums to the rhythm of pure bliss. 


Wildlife of all types are abundant at Hirundo - after all “Wildlife” is our middle name!

The key to abundant wildlife is suitable habitat and with 2400 acres HIrundo has many different types of habitats that support all the species found in this area. From bogs to wooded wetlands, from upland forest to vernal pools, from quiet and quick streams and a large pond and meadow this acreage serves wildlife well. Many species require large tracts of unbroken habitat that Hirundo provides. 


Our land is connected to land owned by the University of Maine and by regional land trusts. Habitat maps show this area as an extension of the “Great North Woods” of Maine.

Animals like bobcats and fishers need large unbroken tracts for hunting.
Otters thrive in the streams bisecting Hirundo’s property making runways for easy access to the water. Of course, beaver thrive under these conditions and have many lodges along the Pushaw.

Migrating birds use this area as a flyway and rare ducks - like the Barrow’s Golden Eye - regularly feed in these waters. 

Pushaw Stream was historically used as a place to capture migrating eels and now alewives are abundant as they return to Pushaw Lake. A recent fish census found fourteen fish species in the Stream.