We welcome sponsorships from businesses, civic organizations, and private donors.

Sponsorship opportunities include: Adopt-A-Trail, events like Winter Fun Day, Fall Fest, and live Owl visits, free snowshoe & paddle rental programs, our Kids in Nature initiative (sponsor a class's bus costs for student fees), Trail of the Senses outings for senior centers and special needs groups, and more.

We welcome partnerships for fundraisers including: restaurant non-profit nights or menu items, tournaments, races, contests, trivia etc.

Contact us to explore current sponsorship opportunities.

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Visitors are welcome daily from dawn to dusk. Gate 1 is open from 9am-6pm.



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1107 West Old Town Rd.

Old Town, ME 04468

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Mailing Address:

PO Box 266

Orono, Maine 04473



Office 207-581-3226