Trail of the Senses

Hirundo Wildlife Refuge’s Trail of the Senses consists of two

universal access trails, adding to the seven mile trail system. By

creating the Trail of the Senses, Hirundo is able to extend the

wilderness experience to a broader group of community

members who may be visually, hearing or mobility impaired.


  • Wide trails with hard packed surfaces

  • Guide rope along the entire length designed for the
    enjoyment of those with visual, physical, and mental

  • Meets ADA standards.

  • Interpretive signs illustrating natural processes, as well as
    interactive stations along the trail.

  • Varying habitats such as meadows, pond edges and different forest types.

  • Enlarged viewing areas on each trail.

The entire area is wonderfully quiet and restful. We encourage the use of the senses along the trail - such as touch, sight, smell, and listening. Both trails are adjacent to the parking area at Gate 1. There are two wheelchair accessible outhouses as well as a shelter, equipped with a small kitchen, with space for twenty people.


Meadow Loop Trail

Constructed during the fall of 2016 and spring of 2017, this 0.15-mile loop progresses through a woodland habitat and an open field habitat. Interpretive stations and a multisensory observation/listening platform highlight the variety of plants and animals that are likely to be observed in these environments.


Pond Trail

Trail construction of this 0.24-mile segment was initiated in the fall of 2017 with the assistance of students and faculty from the UMaine Construction Engineering Technology Program. Interpretive stations and a guide rope was installed in the spring of 2018. This segment highlights a flood plain habitat, a coniferous forest habitat and an aquatic habitat.

Trail of the Senses, under construction, in 2017


Visitors are welcome at Hirundo daily from dawn to dusk.  Gate 1 is closed for the winter season. However, you may park at the gate and walk in.  


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