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Our programs integrate the Next Generation Science Standards and STEAM approach to learning. All our programs are experiential and place-based, allowing your students to be fully engaged in their own learning while gaining a sense of the natural world in which they live.


Unless otherwise stated, all of our programs can be tailored to fit grade pre-k through 8. 


For our younger participants, grades pre-k through fourth, we recommend a half day program and for our older participants, grades five through eight, we recommend a full day. 


Hirundo Wildlife Refuge has a wonderful area next to our shelter, pond and restroom facilities for picnic lunches. 


Full-Day Program: 

$10 per student; $200 minimum

*dependent on class length

Half-Day Program:

$8 per student; $160 minimum

*dependent on class length

We don't believe access to learning opportunities should be restricted by funding. Can't afford busing to Hirundo or student fees? Contact us so we can figure out how to make something work for everyone.

Peruse some of our most frequently offered below. Looking for something specific to meet your classroom needs or an older age group? We're happy to work with you to develop a custom-program.

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ALEWIVES  *Late Spring Only

Untitled-Artwork - 2021-05-05T085833.858

Follow the Alewives as they migrate up the Pushaw Stream. Activities focus on understanding the importance of these fish in Maine ecosystems.

Suggested Age: 5th- 8th

Half or Whole Day


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Explore the ecological connections between forest plants, wildlife, and humans. Our activities focus on the interdependence of abiotic and biotic factors, food webs, adaptations and human impact on our ecosystems.

Half or Whole Day

Any Age



Invasive species are non-native plants and animals that threaten the habitats they were intentionally or unintentionally brought into. We’ll explore some of Hirundo’s invasive species, characteristics that help them thrive in their new habitats, and the negative impact they can have on our local environment. 

Half or Whole Day

Any Age


Untitled-Artwork - 2021-05-05T093334.063

Discover cycles through the changing seasons. Activities range from tracking the amount of light, the angle of the sun and consequent shadow length, temperature changes, and the ways in which plants and have evolved to adapt to seasonal cycles including migration, hibernation, and more.

Half or Whole Day 

Any Age

VERNAL POOLS * Spring Only


Vernal pools provide a unique habitat for a variety of plants and animals. While exploring our pools, activities will focus on topics such as water quality, indicator species and the pool's importance in the life cycles of a variety of local animals. 

Half or Whole Day

Any Age



Learn about the long history of Wabanaki people in this area. Visit our archaeological site a 5,000 year old fishing camp, and explore the tools, plants, and animals that Hirundo's earliest inhabitants made and used.

Suggested Age: 5th-8th, can be modified

Half or Whole Day


Untitled-Artwork - 2021-05-05T094556.506

Compare and contrast the plants and animals that live in multiple habitats, or delve deep into one specific habitat. Activities explore how organisms that call these areas home have evolved to meet their basic needs and survive in their individual niches.

Half or Whole Day

Any Age



Our naturalist can visit your classroom with our Educational Trunks that cover topics including Archeology, Insects, and Maine Wildlife. Students will interact with specimens and learn about their place in our human and natural world.

Class length flexible

Any Age


Untitled-Artwork - 2021-05-05T093307.767

What lies beneath our feet is more than you can imagine! Explore the organisms that inhabit the soil, discover the forces that create different types of soil and how those soil types dictate what grows there.

Half or Whole Day

Any age

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