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This Old Town preserve features wheelchair-accessible trails and lots of wildlife

Bangor Daily News, Sept 30, 2022

9 Maine nature hikes that are great for kids

Bangor Daily News, July 30, 2022

10 monsters that dwell in Maine’s waterways

Bangor Daily News, July 24, 2022

These Maine outdoor activities are great for beginners

Bangor Daily News, April 6, 2022

Story walks, scavenger hunts and more offered by Maine land trusts during pandemic

Bangor Daily News, April 8, 2020

A family’s legacy lives on at Hirundo, Old Town’s little-known nature preserve

Bangor Daily News, June 30, 2019

Wildife Refuge in Spotlight at Greendrinks Event

FOX22 News, September 12, 2018

Explore Nature at Hirundo
WABI 5 News, September 4, 2018

New wheelchair-accessible Trail of the Senses takes shape in Alton

Bangor Daily News, Nov 6, 2017

Hirundo Wildlife Refuge celebrates 50 years with war canoe trip

Bangor Daily News, July 22, 2015

Get ready for a Supermoon Summer

Bangor Daily News, July 18, 2014

FrogWatch USA Training

Bangor Daily News, April 30, 2014

Maine Morsels: Maine snow and a job to do makes sled dogs happy

Bangor Daily News, February 8, 2013


Act Out With Aislin: ‘1-minute hike’ Is One Year Old, Watch The Recap Video
Bangor Daily News, Nov 16, 2012


Hirundo Wildlife Reguge: A Natural Space 30 Minutes From Bangor
Bangor Daily News “The Weekly’, July 20, 2012


Hirundo Wildlife Refuge Receives $2500 Grant
Bangor Daily News, June 20, 2012


Naturalists Unearth Hirundo Wildlife Refuge, ‘An Unknown Gem’
Bangor Daily News, April 11, 2012

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