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Hirundo Wildlife Refuge is 2,460 acres of conserved woodlands and wetlands just West of Old Town, Maine dedicated to preserving nature while providing educational, and recreational opportunities to the public.


 Hirundo offers 7+ miles of marked trails, river access, public programs, and free rental opportunities for canoes, kayaks, and snowshoes. Our universal access trail, the Trail of the Senses, offers sensory and mobility impaired communities as well as the elderly an opportunity to access and experience nature.


With its proximity to the University of Maine campus in Orono, the Refuge acts as a living laboratory for a wide range of University classes and student projects.


Hirundo offers environmental educational programs to schools and the public throughout the year and is dedicated to cultivating a love of nature in local youth and fostering future generations of environmental stewards.



To enjoy, understand, and protect Hirundo's natural and cultural environment for the mutual well-being of our human and wildlife communities.

In Short: Enjoy, Learn, Protect.


Everyone living in balance with nature.


We believe that there is a mutually beneficial relationship between the people and the natural communities in which they live.

We believe that an understanding of nature stimulates an active involvement in stewardship.

We believe that all people regardless of origin, age, abilities or financial resources can benefit from an intimate association with nature.


Trustees                                                                     Title                                      Background                                     

Dick Andren   (EdD)                                                                                                Educator

Craig Colson                                                                                                           Contractor and Journalist

Dan Day                                                                                                                   Business Administration

Madeleine Landrum                                                Student Trustee                    UMaine student  

Roxane Larouche   (RN, MSN, ANP)                                                                     OR Nurse, Birder

Stephanie Larouche (MD)                                       Chair                                      Clinical Research

Veronica Larouche   (MA)                                                                                       Hospital Russian Translator

Margaret “Peggy” LeClair   (MBA)                                                                        Accountant

G. Radford “Rad” Mayfield, III   (MS/MA)                                                             Science Teacher, Bird Bander

Mary Jean "MJ" Sedlock (MFA)                                                                            Technical Theatre

Rebecca Sgouros  (MSc)                                         Vice Chair                              Environmental Archaeology

Gloria Vollmers (PhD)                                              Treasurer                                Accountant     


gudrun staff pic.png

 Over the last 11 years Deanna has combined a passion for the outdoors with her passion for education to promote nature based play through education in a variety of settings. Deanna oversees Hirundo's Volunteer efforts and rental operations.


Jen Brooks

Executive Director

Jen has extensive experience in non-profit management and oversees day to day operations of Hirundo. Jen is passionate about helping Hirundo realize its goals, further its mission, and expanding its reach across the community. 

Favorite Trail: Meadow

(also paddling the stream)

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Wildlife: Fox

Gudrun Keszöcze

Refuge Manager & Naturalist

Gudrun has been with Hirundo since 2010, maintaining the refuge, leading programs, supervising volunteers, and sharing her passion for what makes Hirundo special. A certified Maine Guide, Gudrun loves to be on the water, and believes every outdoor experience teaches something new.

Favorite Trail: Needle & Leaf

Favorite Season: Spring

Favorite Wildlife: Bloodroot

Deanna (2).jpeg

Deanna Fahey

Volunteer Coordinator

Favorite Trail: Wabanaki

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Wildlife: Beaver


Monica Conary

Program Manager

Monica’s interests lie in teaching and engaging individuals about Maine’s natural resources! She enjoys working on programming that allows visitors to learn more about their surroundings and finding ways to promote discussion about wildlife preservation.

Favorite Trail: Open Field (wildflowers!)

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Wildlife:

River Otter


Samantha Ford

Social Media Consultant

Sam is the social media gremlin, one of the rarest species found at Hirundo. When she isn't sharing Hirundo's natural wonders and interesting tidbits about the environment, she can be found trailing stone walls and investigating other cultural clues that inform our past land use history.

Favorite Trail: Wabanaki

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Wildlife:

Saw-whet Owl