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Feb 19, 2022 Springtails and Eagles

Hirundo still has snow, despite the latest rain. The dropping temperatures, the low around 2 F, will leave the trails icy, by tomorrow morning, particularly the more heavily used trails including the Wabanaki, Pond and Pushaw Stream trails. Please use extra caution.

Today’s temperature was perfect for spring tail watching! Hundreds of them congregated on the surface water in the ditch next to the entry of Field to Forest trail. Springtail’s body surface is an intricate layer of bristles and arranged studs protecting it not only from water, but also dirt, fungi, and bacteria.

A pair of binoculars would be handy to bring if you are planning a walk along the Wabanaki or Pushaw Trail. A pair of Bald Eagles can be seen flying together, roosting together, and calling for each other.

Enjoy the trails!


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