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Feb 11, 2022 - Signs in the snowy road

Trail Update: Trails are snow covered and snowshoes will be needed while out hiking. However, walking along the access road is fine in most places, just take extra care in the few icy spots.

If you look closely as you walk along the main access road, you'll see more than just human tracks! Because of the deep snow deer travel along the road as well. Their hooves are splayed for better traction on icy ground.

On days with mild temperatures dark colored springtails (or snow fleas) congregate in the snowshoe tracks along the trails, looking for food, such as organic debris. At first you might mistake them for small specks of dirt, easy to mistake, since they are only 2 mm long, but unlike dirt, they jump! Incredible, aren’t they? If you go out the next couple of days take a closer look at the snow before you! Curious to learn more about snowtails? Click this link for a fun youtube video.

As you wander down the road you may also see brown or beige colored snow beneath trees. The cause? Tannins, complex chemical compounds leached out of dead trees by rain and snow will discolor fresh white snow.

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I always wondered about the discolored snow-thanks for writing about that!

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