Join us for an engaging and interactive outdoor experience where participants learn more about Maine’s environment and their place in it!
Meets twice a month (on the second and fourth Mondays) from 1:00 - 2:30 pm.
Geared towards ages +5. All children should be accompanied by an adult.
Monthly themes exploring the natural environment all around us!

When: Second + fourth Mondays every month at 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM 

Where: 1107 W Old Town Rd, Old Town, ME 04468 - Gate 1

Who: Geared towards ages 5 + Children must be accompanied by an adult. (Adults and younger accompanying siblings, free.)

What: Each month we will cover a new topic. Participants will journey through the Refuge connecting new ideas and learning more about nature and how we can all do our part to lessen our impact and help conserve Maine’s natural resources! Topics are chosen ahead of time, but suggestions for themes or activities are encouraged.


Pre Registration (online) - $10.00 per child.

 *4-month block registration (online) - 10% discount 

On Site registration - $12.00 per child

Pre-registration is encouraged. 

Adults and younger accompanying children will not need to purchase a ticket.

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January: Hirundo Wildlife Refuge
January 24, 2022: We are Hirundo! 
We'll launch our very first Forest Club journey by learning more about Hirundo. We'll walk the Refuge reflecting on what makes the space unique, exploring the history of the area and playing games to learn about each other and the wildlife that call the Refuge home.

February: Winter Animals


Have you ever wondered what type of animals can still be spotted in Maine’s chilly winter months? Now is the perfect time to learn! Let’s explore some of the animal species that are still out and about in this frosty weather!

February 14, 2022: A Hop Through The Forest

For this week’s meeting we will continue learning about creatures that live at the Refuge, big and small!

February 28, 2022: Animal Detectives

Have you ever studied an animal’s paw print? What about how they walk? Join us on an adventure to track the animals that are walking the trails with us!

March: Tips and Tricks to Survive Outdoors

Learn more about outdoor survival skills & how we can all work together to achieve amazing feats!

March 14, 2022:  Take Shelter!

Let’s put our survival skills to the test and build an outdoor shelter!

March 28, 2022: I Have A Burning Question!

How do we safely start a fire? How do we put a fire out? Where should the fire be located to lessen our impact on the environment?Join us and we'll cook some s’mores and learn about fire safety! 

April: Tree Identification

How much do you really know about trees?

April 11, 2022: Let’s Branch Out!

This week we'll learn to identify some of our favorite trees in Hirundo's woods, the difference between deciduous & coniferous trees and even some fun tree facts to stump you friends! 

April 25, 2022: EmBARK on an Adventure!

 We're getting down to the roots of our biggest tree question, what we can use them for! We’ll learn about basket weaving, oil & sap collecting, and how to make the best cup of tea using Pine needles!

May: Signs & Navigation

Everything you need to know about map-making and navigation to set off on a grand expedition! 

May 9, 2022: Map Out Hirundo!

Let's learn about map making and navigation by creating our own maps of Hirundo, filled with our favorite spots for others to explore!

May 23, 2022: The Signs of Nature

Let’s go on an adventure and explore the signs around Hirundo! Then we'll make our own signs filled with the most important things we want to share with other visitors.