As part of our 2020 Kids in Nature Initiative we're hosting a monthly scavenger hunt series. Each month we'll post a scavenger hunt that you can print and take with you to Hirundo to explore and play on your own.

Can you find some sap, a winged insect, the perfect heart-shaped rock, and birds in flight? We've got 15 items for you to track down- maybe you can find them all at once, or maybe you'll have to come a few times.

Share your photos or a completed list of what you found with us by email, social media, or messenger! We'll be offering fun prizes for frequent completers of our monthly hunts so you don't want to miss this!

Spending time in nature is important for ALL ages, but particularly for our young ones. If you use our scavenger hunt with anyone under the age of 18 we'd love to include you in our counts for our 2,020 in 2020 goal this year.

We'd love your feedback! Let us know what you think of the challenges this month, what you found easy or hard, and any suggestions or feedback you have for future months.
Instructions:  Click on the image of the month's scavenger hunt to download.   
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March 2020

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JUNE 2020

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JULY 2020

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November 2020



Visitors are welcome at Hirundo daily from dawn to dusk.  Gate 1 is open to vehicles every day 10am to 4pm.  If gate is closed, you may park at the gate and walk in.  


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