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Winter Trail Blazers - February 20 - 23, 2024

Let’s go on a weeklong adventure as we travel through the Refuge exploring the wildlife that is all around us! Campers will discover and investigate the secrets of our forest and streams as we learn more about Hirundo and what inhabits the space. With our binoculars in hand we’ll look for hidden messages, build a giant bird’s nest, play icy games and so much more!

Attendees will explore, discover, and take in new skills while having fun and learning more about Maine’s wildlife.

Your Outdoor Adventure Awaits!

Each day campers will investigate a new topic!

A packing list will be provided upon registration. Campers should dress warmly and be prepared to spend a large portion of the day outside.

Thursday: Animals Both Big + Small

Campers will grab their binoculars and magnifying glasses as we travel through Hirundo, looking for animals both big and small. We’ll build a giant bird’s nest and learn more about where all of the animals go and live during Maine’s chillier months. 

Tuesday: Investigate our Pond, Forest, + Stream

Test out your detective skills as we explore the Refuge and look for some of our hidden treasures located on the trails. We’ll learn how to navigate and build our own maps, while thinking about the secret messages we can uncover during the camp day!

Friday: Snow Science + Icy Fun

Let’s create and experiment with snow! Campers will investigate the science behind snow, while looking closely at snowflake shapes and creating their own snowy escape!

Wednesday: Become a Habitat Tracker!

Let’s go on a sightseeing adventure, searching for animal tracks, while investigating some of the creatures that make Hirundo their home. 


Please be aware that our February Camp is primarily an outdoor experience designed to embrace the winter season. While some activities may occur indoors, we emphasize outdoor adventures. It is essential to dress your child accordingly with warm layers, waterproof boots, gloves, and hats. Ensure your child is comfortable participating in winter outdoor activities. By registering, you acknowledge and agree to the outdoor nature of the camp activities. We look forward to providing your child with a memorable winter camp experience!

Recommended Age: 9-13

For safety reasons, no children under 8 years of age will be admitted to winter camp.

We welcome you to sign up for 2 or 4 days of fun!

February 20-23, from  9:00am - 4:00pm


Tuesday + Thursday: $100

Wednesday + Friday: $100

Tuesday - Friday: $200

 Please email: with any questions. 

Please note: Camp registration fees are non-refundable.

Weather Policy 

Hirundo will cancel camp when weather presents an unsafe condition for participants. Participants will be notified by 6pm the evening prior. Due to the unpredictability of the weather,  Hirundo reserves the right to cancel camp at any point when it is deemed unsafe. Participants will be notified of cancellations via the contact info provided at registration.

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