Pushaw to the Penobscot

 Saturday, July 16  (Rain date July 17)  Time: 8 am to 4 pm

Pushaw to the Penobscot – A Paddle through Time                          Canoe Trip with cultural and ecological focus

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The objective of this event was to raise awareness to the cultural and ecological role of the waterways in Maine, Pushaw Stream and the Penobscot River in particular. Fourty-three of us  traveled in five 28-foot canoes retracing steps (paddle strokes) of cultures from long ago.

Canoes will rafted together for talks and wildlife observations. We will have 4-5 stops along the way to talk about archeology, past climates, Penobscot Nation use of the area, Penobscot River Restoration, fish migration, and much more! It is an easy 10 mile – downstream paddle!

Historic records indicate that hunters and gatherers lived in the area as early as 9,000 years ago (earlier than the pyramids) and used waterways for transportation and the shores for setting up small settlements. They also used specific type of stone found along Pushaw Stream to fashion tools and other implements.

Prior to 1830, when the first dam was built along the Penobscot River, alewives & eels made their way up along the Penobscot into Pushaw Stream.  Since the last dam removal in 2013, a large influx of anadromous fish migration has been recorded, unprecedented since 1830. Thus far this year 800,000 Alewives passed through the fish counter at Pushaw Dam.

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