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Saturday, April 8, 2017   10 AM – 12 PM

“Ruffed Grouse Population Ecology in Maine Forests”

by  Erik Blomberg, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor of Wildlife Ecology, University of Maine                    Penobscot Valley Chapter of SWOAM, Hirundo Wildlife Refuge, and Maine Forest Service collaboration

Location:                                                                                                                                                                                          Maine Forest Service Central Region Headquarters,                     Maine Forest Service /Forestry Bureau/

Many small woodland owners have wildlife as a major focus in forest management objectives.  Dr. Blomberg presents his experience with ruffed grouse in varied forest habitats.

In 2014 the Wildlife Demographics Lab at the University of Maine and the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife began the first large-scale investigation of ruffed grouse ecology in Maine.  Over three years we have captured and radio-marked hundreds of grouse to better-understand their survival, harvest, and general habits throughout their annual cycle.  During this talk I will discuss preliminary results from the first three years of our work.

Directions:  Take Route I-95 North or South to Old Town exit 197 .  Travel in easterly direction toward Old Town.  Turn left at the DeWitt Airfield entrance.  Turn right at the sign for the Maine Forest Service.

Registration is requested by April 5, 2017. Please respond by e-mail to Larry Beauregard, SWOAM Penobscot Valley Chapter Leader, at  or by phone at (207) 989-6158.


Hirundo Wildlife Refuge in collaborations with University of Maine Cooperate Extension and the Old Town Elementary School invites you to its

Ready for spring           Photo: Gudrun Keszöcze

 3rd Annual Garden Party & Silent Auction

         Wednesday April 19, 2017  6:30 – 9 pm

             Old Town Elementary School, 576 Stillwater Ave.

$ 5 for Hirundo members or $7 for non-members – incl. light refreshments              Reservations by April 16, 2016 call 207.394.2171 or here On-line  Registration

 Get hands-on experience in mini workshops about grafting, pruning of small fruit crops, growing micro greens and flower arrangement. Workshops are on a 30 minute rotation schedule beginning at 6:30 pm and ending at  8:00 pm. GardenPartyPoster

About the workshops

Herb Crosby took up grafting 10 years ago and keeps his backyard as a grafting laboratory.  The workshop offers an overview on grafting, including different type of grafting techniques, tools and materials and scion for your tree at home. How to prune small fruit and apple trees will be the focus of Kirby Ellis.  Ellis is the owner of Ellis’ Forest Management & Greenhouse /Nursery in Hudson. Kate Garland will discuss how to increase nutrition and flavor of your meals with homegrown micro greens, young edible greens that can be grown right at your windowsill. The workshop centers on choosing, planting, maintaining and harvesting micro greens. Each participant will take her/his planting home to enjoy. Garland serves as the Horticulturist for the University of Maine Cooperative Extension in Penobscot County by helping gardeners improve efficiency and build horticultural skills, and coordinates the Master Gardener Volunteer program. Young gardeners will have an opportunity to learn about worm composting with Master Gardener Pat Bears hands-on demonstration.

Refreshments and silent auction items

What would be a party without food? We hope you will cast your vote for the best soup of the evening, enjoy dessert with coffee or tea, while finding something special in the silent auction. Items to bid on include garden labor, native and pollinator-friendly plants, colorful hanging baskets, an ethnic candlelight dinner, and many other treats for you and your landscape.

For more information or to request a disability accommodation, please contact Gudrun Keszöcze at or 207.944.9259.

We thank local business for their support:

Ellis’ Greenhouse and Nursery                       Everymay Nursery
Bagley’s Greenhouse                                     Rebell Hill Farm
University of Maine Roger Clapp Greenhouses & Littlefield Garden
DePaola Landscaping & Property Maintenance
cityLife –Nature Kits                                       Sanctuary Wellness Spa


Date:            Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Time:            6:30 – 9 pm;  Doors open at 6:00 pm
Location:      Old Town Elementary at 576 Stillwater Ave, Old Town
Cost (incl. soup, dessert, coffee/tea):  $ 5 Hirundo members $7 Non-members;

Reservation requested by April 16, 2016 call  207.394.2171 or click here for On-line  Registration



Larouche Family – People’s Choice Award Winner!!!

Hirundo Wildlife Refuge is thrilled to announce that its founders, the Larouche family, are the winner of Natural Resource Council (NRCM) of Maine 2016 People’s Choice Award. The winner is selected based on votes submitted by the public to the NRCM. We would like to thank the people who made this honor possible. Stephanie Larouche, current chair of the Board, will accept the award at a reception in South Portland on September 14. Other NRCM honorees this year include the Penobscot River Restoration Project and the Katahdin Woods & Waters National Monument. This is a wonderful honor for Hirundo, thank YOU for your support!

In 1932, the Larouche Family of Milo bought a hunter’s cabin along with 3 acres of woods on Pushaw Stream for the large active family to enjoy all the natural resources that area had to offer. So impressed by these experiences the sons of Leontine and J. Charles Larouche started to acquire surrounding land, which eventually became a 2,460-acre refuge dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of nature. In 1978, the land was deeded to the University of Maine and a trust established by very generous friends, the Parker Reeds.  The Hirundo Wildlife Trust administers the programs at the Refuge and maintains the land for wildlife habitat and public use.  The trustees are local community members as well as a representative of the University of Maine.

One of the major initiatives for the coming years is a Universal Access Trail System at the Refuge where the senses will be engaged to open the natural world to folks with disabilities as well as the wider community. Trail design includes firm level surfaces leading to Lac d’Or (Lake of Gold), Pushaw Stream, meadows and forests. Stay tuned.

Again, Hirundo Wildlife Refuge is honored that the citizens of Maine recognize the founding family, still intimately involved after four generations.

Thank you for your support!

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Directions for Programs at Hirundo Wildlife Refuge (HWR) :

Gate 1: From the South – Take the I-95 N to ME-43 exit 197 to Old Town/Hudson. Turn left onto Rt. 43 (Hudson Rd). Go west 4.75 mi and look for the large red sign on your right. Take Gate 1 off Rt. 43 and follow the dirt road for ~1/2 mile to the Pine Tree parking area. The Parker Reed shelter is 100 m further on the left.

Gate 3: Directions: From the South – Take the I-95 N to ME-43 exit 197 to Old Town/Hudson. Turn left onto Rt. 43 (Hudson Rd). Go west 4.9 mi and take Gate 3 (35 Hudson Road in Alton) off Rt. 43 (right side, just before the bridge).

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