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Internship Program

Greg monitors Swallow breeding success,  Summer 2014.

Greg monitors Swallow breeding success, Summer 2014.

Greg Innes – Summer Intern 2014

I worked at the Hirundo Wildlife Refuge as an intern through the summer of 2014, and on a casual basis since then. Hirundo gave me invaluable opportunities to help educate the general public about the ecosystems endemic to this region of Maine. I also specifically worked towards protecting and monitoring the native swallow populations which nest there.

I have guided school groups and other general public through the refuge, in canoes and on foot, and also worked to maintain the grounds and trails there. I have helped to develop a sampling regime for monitoring macroinvertebrates in the Pushaw Stream; introduced University of Maine Wildlife Ecology students to Hirundo and I have led trail maintenance teams throughout the Refuge.

I am proud and happy to have been allowed my experiences at Hirundo, and I see the intern program as being an asset to the Hirundo Wildlife Refuge, to the region in general, and to the personal futures of the students who are involved.


Checking on swallows nesting success, Summer 2013.

Checking on swallows nesting success, Summer 2013.

Megan Dood – Summer Intern, 2013

My internship at Hirundo Wildlife Refuge, through the summer of 2013, greatly furthered my knowledge and education in the wildlife ecology field. I gained valuable field experiences and experience teaching and guiding visitors that have helped me in my academic and professional life.

By identifying birds along the 7-mile hiking trail system and canoe trail, I augmented the Refuge species inventory list and created bird-by-trail posters. In addition I developed and presented the presentation “Bird identification by shape & sound”, led canoeing trips for students and the public, and worked with volunteer teams along the trails.  

The emblem of the refuge, the tree swallow, is one of the most magnificent and interesting birds to observe. I loved working in, and learning about the Refuge, and Pushaw Stream. I feel it has made me more aware of the ecology of the area, as well as the ecology of the important freshwater ecosystems in Maine, as the Refuge also boasts a beautiful bog and a lovely man made pond. Every time I go out to the Refuge, I have a sense of happiness and pride, that I have been able to be a part of such a wonderful organization.