Water Route Maps

Bordered by Pushaw Stream and fed by Dead Stream, Hirundo  boasts beautiful waterways (without motorized boats) and wetlands.

Canoes are usually available on-site for use Wednesday through Sunday.                                                                          Please (207) 394-2171 a day in advance to check for availability.

Canoe Trail Map featuring sites of interest

Hirundo Canoe Trail Map – large version

Alewife fry migration

Alewife fry migration

Outlet_at_PushawDam10.7.2014_8826 (2)

Alewife fry ‘heading’ over the sluice tail first!

Osprey looking for food

Osprey looking for food

Pushaw dam, at the outlet of Pushaw Lake, is a favourite osprey hang-out particularly during the alewife run in the spring. In the fall, when alewife fry head back to the ocean, hundreds of 5 inch fry can be spotted “heading” tail first over the sluice.




In addition,  here is a map of the wetlands around Hirundo

Hirundo Wetland Map – large version

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